Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hesitation on the edge of a cliff
Dont stumble and fall into
his consciousness,
An ether filled void of hopeful trappings.

Too late, Falling fast
down the rabbit hole
All i see is complexity
above me.

Its too late for me
Im lost and cant find my
way out of here
Im a broken spirit
a broken body
a broken mind

Ive stumbled and
tried to catch myself
but my grasp
finger by finger
one after the other
until all I feel
is small bits
of earth
left in my hands
Staining my hands
The dampening smell
encroaches on my senses.
Filling my nose with
earthy metallic scents

the wind meets
little resistance
to this heavy heart
this heavy soul
this heavy mind

Life meets little resistance
is not caring really so bad?

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