Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More than pain

There is more here than pain
Whispered promises in dark rain
most can never bear
to touch
such complexities
of life

The first moment of
The last breath
you take

a simple joy
a thought
a dream
corrupted by the pain
you feel

when it consumes
take it in
accept it
embrace it
encompass it
for all its worth
and all your feeling
every tortured second
that ticks

know there is more
than this
there is an dichotomy
that exists
where there is darkness
there is light
where there is pain,

mixed together
in equal parts
one for one
in an alchemists brew
and as you sip
from this alleged poisoned cup,
with the bitter taste
there will also be a simple
a complex flavor
resting on your tongue

savor it
savor it

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