Friday, February 27, 2009

Catholic Guilt and leaving the Church - Part VI

One thing that Catholics are good at, well, the church is good at, is guilt. They dish it out like they dish out doughnuts on Sunday. The Catholics have different kinds of sin, so if you arent doing one type, you always can feel guilty about another type. And if you don't feel guilty, then you should feel guilty about not feeling guilty.

Aside from the massive amounts of guilt that I acquired during the short time I was Catholic, the other thing I noticed was how utterly judgmental some of the people in the church were.

These people, in their nice clothes and serene looks, they were, afterall, adults, and adults know everything, right? Well one Sunday, during doughnut time, this group of well dressed ladies decided to say some particularly mean things about this one lady that attended church. She was a single mom, didnt have much and dressed, well like Tammy Faye meets a prostitute. She was really nice to everyone and had really bleached blonde hair. I happened to overhear the "mean ladies" talking about this outfit that the "nice" lady had on. The things they said stopped me in my tracks. I was 16. My first thought was, "Does God REALLY care what you wear to church?" and I couldnt imagine a God that really cared what you wore and afterall, werent we supposed to be nice to people at CHURCH?

It impacked me, I could never go back really after that. I thought, what a bunch of hippocrits. Well dressed snooty hippocrits, looking down thier noses at people. People they should be reaching out to. So I did what any good guilt ridden Ex Catholic does,
I became protestant.

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