Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Perception is 9/10ths of the law. Actually its 10/10ths of the law, but who is counting? Innocence is a causality of youth. A random bystander killed by a rogue ABOM. This. This is. This is uncomfortable. Not at all like Mac and Cheese, comfy blankets and maybe a cup of hot tea or a bubble bath. Not at all.

This is out of place. like the pictures on the puzzles match but by God they dont fit. The more you push them together and force them, the more you risk destroying the bigger picture, forever. After that, there is no turning back and then you have pieces missing and can never be complete. What to do what to do?

Perhaps, well, perhaps...eternity is just a phone call away. Just small change, just a leaky faucet or a bland piece of toast. Perhaps, this thing, this horrid thing will crawl back into its sewer and take with it its legion. Its martyrs. Its restraints.

How did I get here? How can I escape? There is an exit sign but there is no door. I cant breathe.

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