Monday, March 30, 2009

My sister

Sometimes life perplexes me. Who am I kidding? Life perplexes me every second of every day. Its weird to be productive and actually attempting to socialize. Hmmmm
My sister is my antithesis. She is so social. She has friends who make cupcakes from scratch and not from a box i mean with fancy things on them. She is the type of person to know everyone that lives on her street. They go to weird parties at "friends of friends' houses, the idea of this almost sends me directly into permanent hermitism. I went to a potluck with her on Saturday night. Apparently, this bizarre social ritual involves bringing a dish...of share and....wait for it...socializing with people. (that hurt to right). ouch. I watched her interact with people and I felt like I should take notes or something.

She is a very good organizer. I told my grandpa before he died that I was a bit envious of her ability to make friends so easily. She seems to thrive off of interaction with people, where it drains me.

I mean I talk to people, but I find it is usually like pulling out teeth (my teeth) with pliers and then stabbing myself in the eye. I dont find people very engaging normally. I dont really like most of them. They seem uninterested/ing...boring...blase ...they seem like zombies and shadows...

more to come...

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