Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Outline and character development - subject to change and end up less depressing

They meet
Fall in love
He cheats alot
They separate
He acts like a whore
She gets cancer
He has a major transformation
She decides she doesnt want him there for the rest of her life, whats left of it.
He falls in love with her again
She dies
He kills himself either by jumping off a bridge or ?

Adam - musician, high school through late 30's, womanizer, comes from broken home, dad is a real ass/abuser. he doesnt want kids, self absorbed, smokes, plays guitar and piano, always wanted to be a musician, gets gigs at local bars, plays with losers, cheats (alot), shallow, bad with money, cant keep a job, self entitlement issues, extremely intelligent, deep thinker, philosopher, aetheist, wears jeans until they literally fall apart, hates manual labor, head in clouds, really loves Eve at first, likes cats and sushi, has long dark hair, scruffy face, hates to shave, talented, unmotivated, mother died when he was young, likes dark haired women with large breasts, quotes poe a lot, very esoteric, eccentric, slightly obsessive and aloof, doesnt talk a lot.

Eve - Dark hair, sweet, empathetic, always trying to save the world, hates sushi, prefers dogs, has a thing for artists and musicians, loves deeply, always has a cause, easily hurt, never felt loved by her parents although they have been married forever, mom was a SAM, prefers mac and cheese to any other food, hates raw tomatos and the movie the Never Ending Story, writes dark poetry, keeps a journal, very stable and secure, Dad was a hardware salesman and into civil war reinactment, pretty nominal childhood, very sensual, smart, has pale skin, wants to travel and go to art school, hates her name, parents were ultra religous, likes to act, wants children, has a lot of plans

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