Friday, March 6, 2009


Silence sewn deep within my heart
breaking boundaries of flesh
A calling, a peace, a refuge
a place that feels so much like home
a place where light breaks softly through the window
and warms a small section of my heart
a place warm and safe to hide and curl up
in a ball and sleep
a place that comforts me and needs me
in this place
this solitude
stripped, a thought
just think outside myself to
break away these self forged chains
my eyes will open, even if I cant see
my heart will feel, I can love
i keep drowning myself with delusions
I keep my idealism on my sleeve
and my reality safely stowed in a box
I want nothing more than simple words
and complex thoughts
I want this refuge
selfishly for my own
my lungs burn for lack of air
my heart breaks for you
and humanity
and every small action you make
creates a dynamic chain of events
that are unstoppable
preferable to this life
to these questions
to this love

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