Monday, March 30, 2009

Sometimes, when I over think and obsessively focus on the planets, space, time, stars...I get consumed by every particle, every ring around every planet, every moon ever in rotation, every piece of stardust floating around in that void...

I get so overwhelmed...but the true and most heavy thinking is done about the void. The place where nothing exists. The expansion of emptiness, wondering if there is a possibility that it will be filled with, well, something important one day, like a black hole or a supernova.

Its always growing, shrinking, contracting, expanding...there is always something to look at, obsess about. But the emptiness of the amazes me how "nothing" can suffocate you, envelope you, stagnate you, bind you. I can barely tolerate only single solitary thought about it....each one like a gasp for breath, each one torture...and with each gasp, the expanded thoughts of how empty and vast this place is. How there is no comprehension of an end or a beginning. Its suffocating.

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