Friday, March 6, 2009

Two Priests walk into a bar,,,or rather an inn... Part 16

I have been trying to figure out how to write this chapter exactly, because words, I fear will fail me. When I tell you that I was reintroduced to Jesus via World of Warcraft, you might laugh or smirk or just flat out not believe me. The funniest thing about this entire fact, is that I can recall this youth group (protestant) event I went to when I was 17 or so, where the preacher was preaching the evil-ness of Dungeons and Dragons. I raised my hand and said that I didnt believe that D&D was evil and had been playing it my whole life. The guy wanted me to "stay after and talk to him", well I did and he took off...then later said that I had left (which was a lie) and how, oh he "wished he could have" talked to me about evil evil D&D. Now the ironic thing is, that D&D is basically WoW without the fancy graphics. So the irony of this is almost too much.

I picked a priest for my main character, and even though I wasnt thrilled about the cloth armor, the healing aspect intrigued me. I played for a while and eventually met another priest on there. We had a great time playing together and soon found out we both liked zombies and philosophy and religion...and oh wait, then he told me he was a minister in real life, sort of. Then I braced myself for the Jesus sales pitch. Low and behold it didnt come. I waited for it for a while, he was such an excellent conversationalist and could talk philoscophy and religion until the wee hours of the morning, which totally rocked. I realized I hadnt thought outside my own depression in a long time and my brain hurt after our conversations. In a good way. I remembered that I like to think. Amazing concept, really,...thinking that is.

He told me the ministry that he wanted to go into was for porn stars. This ministry was in Las Vegas. Because, well, Jesus loved porn stars too. Which totally tickled me to death. *giggle*
There were a series of events that happened during this time. I dont want to skim over any of them or make them seem trite, because this was a slow and amazing process. First thing, I was sad one night, really depressed. Probably one of my worst times and he sent me a song that I fell in love with and *shudder* it was a Christian song lol. (The Sky, by Showbread) It touched me. Apparantly this band did an entire concept album that seemed artsy and cool and deep. And again, they were Christians. I couldnt believe it really. After all Christian music is boring and stupid and shallow and all sounds the same, right? *ahem* I digress.

Then shortly thereafter, he recommended a book to me by Ann Lamott called "Traveling Mercies". Honestly, I wasnt really thrilled about it. But, based on our conversations I thought I would give it a try. Afterall, I was going to Denver and could read it on the plane trip up there. I cried through the whole thing, practically. I know the people on the plane thought I had lost my mind. I felt God show up. It was reading that book that was yet another catalyst in my recent change of thoughts about Christianity. First of all, did you know, there are LIBERAL Christians? Now, when I say "liberal" ditch your preconcieved notions about what YOU think a liberal is. To me, a liberal cares about feeding the hungry, being a servant to humanity, caring about others and not just tax breaks, loving people and caring about the environment, thinking that maybe killing and war arent really such great ideas a la the Jesus. There are people that think Chrisitanity should NOT be used as a political platform. They actually take Jesus literally when he said go feed the hungry. They think that the word Christian, is a verb.

This was an entirly new perspective for me. During this time, my friend always said that God loved me. I never felt like I had to change who I was. It was during this time I felt like I actually believed in God again. Yet I wasnt sure exactly where to go with this whole idea. Because, trust me, this was a miracle comparable to any miracle that ever was.

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