Friday, March 6, 2009

What is faith?

I asked my self this question every day for the past few years. What is it REALLY?
I was jealous of people that had it. I wanted it to. I even said "ok I have faith" and yet I didnt.
What is it?

And now I think I know. Its when you find yourself, in this strange world, this new place and you cant see the ground, but you take steps and little by little you make your way. You know there is a destination ahead, but you cant see it, you know you dont have a ticket, but you dont care. You find yourself enjoying the journey. You love and laugh along the way. You take in every precious gift, every beautiful word spoken to you and relish in it. You delight in the liquid pools of light. You love. A lot. And you have beautiful friends, and you take thier hand and tell them what you see and what you feel and you love them.

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