Thursday, April 16, 2009

The bible is a bunch of crap

well...I used to say that...until I actually read it (or rather am in the process of reading it), or rather started reading it.
I think most people who read the bible and think its crap, probably havent read it, havent read it in its entirety, or havent bothered to try to understand it.

I dont think I read it like a normal person would, though...but being narcissitic as I am, think everyone should read it like I do (I say that tongue in cheek, sort of).

If you attempt to read it, try to know who the author was? What was going on at the time? What is the message? Who is the audience? are there any bizarre Greek translation idiosyncrosies to note? And oh by the way, its okay to have questions. And God knows I have a LOT of them!!! Enough to drive a priest insane Im sure. Or drive Jesus insane.

I always thought that Christians had to be little robots and never question anything. Just sit back and polish thier halos to keep them all shiney. And anytime anyone ever asked anything, they could nod angelically and say "well its in the bible" or "a REAL Christian would NEVER do/say/think that" or "but they are a CHRISTIAN, so of course I will vote for them"...and carry on. Or anytime they would go to church, the would remove thier brains and leave them at the door. And that if they ever disagreed with something that was said, they would instantly be outcast and shoved out the door, church tithe in hand...well, church bulletin in hand anyway.

its funny I saw so much judgement in the church which is quintisentially, one of the main reasons I left, and yet, I became what I hated, I think. That is an interesting observation about myself, perplexing and one I still mull over.

Being a Christian doesnt mean I am perfect or never make mistakes. But I am loved and forgiven despite my flaws and sins. I am loved through my mistakes. It means never really being alone. It means not having to carry the burden of this broken life alone. It means having a wonderful teacher who gave the most beautiful sacrifice. That I am a humble servant to humanity, despite myself. I guess I never would have believed it myself before I experienced it myself. What a crazy and wonderful thing to happen that I have not YET found the words for...

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