Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to be a good husband 101

Ok class, ready?

After attempting several thoughts on this (unpublished) I have to say I dont know the answer to this.

What does it mean to be a good husband or wife? Im taking a stab here, trying to sort this out myself, not really giving to speak...Here are some random thoughts:

Dont keep score
Forgive easily
Dont say things you cant take back
Fight fair
Do things you really dont want to do for the person, but do them anyway (with the heart of a servant, so to speak)
Hug often
Wives tell your husbands you are proud of them
Husbands make your wife feel like she is the most beautiful and only woman in the room at any given time
Try to remember daily why you got married in the first place
Have similar interests so you can hang out together and do things you like, but have different interests to, so you can get away from each other and you can have something to talk about when you see each other again
Try to do and say at least one nice thing each day to each other
Reconnect often (what does this mean, exactly?)
Figure out what the other persons currency is and do that (if your wife wants flowers, bring them to her...even if you think its stupid because they will die)
Be gentle emotionally

*sigh* if only it was as easy as ticking off checks next to each item on the list.

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