Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Meaning of Life

ok, so you will have to read the last post to understand where I am going with this.
What is the meaning of life?

I think that defining the meaning of life is like trying to define God. As soon as you define Him, you limit Him, you box Him in, you devalue Him. How can you possibly contemplate or fathom the "end" of the universe? Try it, you cant...unless you set unrealistic barriers up. I mean, you can visualize a sign that says "Universe ends here" and then what? What is beyond that sign? cant envision nothing.

Same goes for God and Life. So I think there is a purpose, there is a meaning....but its so unique and complex, so intricately woven and beautiful, so,,,,undefinable that we can possibly dare to describe it and limit ourselves.

Our nature is to box everything up (in pretty packaging, mind you) and neatly compartmentalize it and categorize it and file it away. We freeze when we cant do that. We question, crave the answers written in front of us in black and white. And sometimes, there isnt one. Its hard to accept. Or maybe there is one, but its beyond our comprehension. Or maybe our own personal "filters" have helped to create our labels for things, and yet, they always fall short. Are inaccurate.

Yet we do it anyway. With most things. We have to label it to identify with it. To see where it fits in with "our world".

And maybe this sounds trite, the meaning of life is fluid, every changing and so uniquely individual that even attempting to completely wrap our minds around it would be a lesson in futility.

So where does that leave us? Well, we have to start with what we know. Life is short. We get one shot. Its easy to fall into the trap of Its easy to lose ourselves in the madness. Rinse, lather repeat. Its easy to lose ourselves in the mundane. It helps to stop. Breathe. Re-evaluate. Re-engineer. Re-think. Act. Love. Have Faith.


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