Saturday, April 18, 2009

My mind

Most days my mind is like a giant ball of wire that is all tangled up. It never never never untangles. LOL Always a million thoughts all jumbled up moving at the speed of light.

I think that it would be nice to only think about one thing at one time. But another part of me loves to think. Especially if there are big words involved. I have read entire books based off the author using one big word on the cover. But I have also drank wine for the sole reason of the artwork being super cool. Soooo..Im a packaging "whore", poor word choice but it gets the point across. OK...we know that about me.

DO most people have favorite words? I have an entire slew of favorite words, like:

I also make up words, like:

I also have favorite numbers...
But I am not telling what they are, just in case they are a secret code to a hatch or lottery pics...LOL

My grandpa used to chart his lottery numbers. He was convinced that there was a pattern. He had a big chart on his wall and every week he would chart the numbers that won.

A friend of mine said that she was writing a while back and she isnt usually a deep thinker or a writer. But she said she had figured out the secret of life. And that is was..............There was NO secret to life. That was it. That there REALLY wasnt a secret at all. People spend thier entire lives searching for "the big secret" and wham...there isnt one.

So I told her I would contemplate that and get back to her.

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