Sunday, April 19, 2009


Anything I write this morning would be wrong.
What I want to write, I cant, what I can write is wrong.
Everything is off this morning.
The pieces of the puzzle that appear to fit...never quite line up.
And its cold outside. Which is weird for this time of year.
I mean, its COLD.

I like the early morning usually, when its quiet outside, and cool and you cant hear anything, save for a few birds chirping and singing. This morning it makes me sad.
Probably because it reminds me of my grandfather. We used to walk together in the morning. Usually "3" miles. But also because the coldness firmly plants me into this reality. The *RIGHT NOW*. It reminds me that I am supposed to actually be able to function this morning....yay for functioning. Im numb this morning, and unfortunately, its not because i am cold.

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