Friday, April 24, 2009

The perfect man?

Once I saw this little doll in Barnes and Noble. It was a little man in a suit. They called him "the perfect man doll". When you pushed his button, he said things like "how about I take you shoe shopping dear?" and "I love you, your beautiful" and so on...

So I have started a franken-man in my head...If I were to build the perfect man he would consist of: George Romero, Dali, Sean Connery, Kierkegaard, Robert Smith, a random Scot in a Kilt, and a sprinkle of dead greek guys, half a cup of Gordon Ramsay (thank you 'Gordon Ramsey' fan club! did you get my link right?), Percy Shelley, hmmmm *contemplates*

If I have a random Scot in a kilt, do I need Sean Connery or should I keep him for the Bond factor... hmmmm

(Ok Im trading out Connery for Daniel Craig.) I really like the *new* bond. He isnt pretty at all, but oh, he is deliciously sexy.

So its amazing I could actually type this out. I have started 4 different half finished posts that i haven't published. Im having severe ADD at the moment.

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