Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some thoughts...

This morning, I decided to give up coffee. I was proud of myself. I lasted until 8am. Its a record for me.

I changed my WoW characters hair. And decidedly, I like it in the bun the best. I have also decided that playing in groups with certain people sucks the fun right out of the game. I always think of little starfish aliens suctioned onto a persons face called "fun suckers" sucking the fun right out of people.

Women seem to like other women's hair in buns.
Men seem to hate them (buns) mostly in my experience.
Its kind of like shoes. You never hear a man say "OMG I Love those shoes, where did you get them??" Its always women looking at, admiring other womens shoes, and its seems, unless there is a fetish there, or they are gay, most men dont notice womens shoes.

Then..I decided to only drink one cup of coffee. I have had three today.
Go me. whoot.

Then I thought about questioning God. And I thought that even Jesus questioned God. But if Jesus is God, is he questioning himself? OR...maybe he did set himself up to fully experience humanness, which always leads me back to the thought that possibly Jesus was married and had sex. I dont know why I am so uber obsessed with this thought. It makes me feel a bit like a voyer or a pervert LOL...

And from what little I have read so far, God seems to like the questioners...
If I was God, and I became human, I would want to have sex. I know...but Im human, and its not really a very fair statement, because humans are set up to procreate...yadda yadda yadda...

my head anyone??

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