Friday, April 24, 2009

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The concept of Anxiety...Kierkegaard...

In my foray into existentialism, I discovered and interesting tidbit in the book The Concept of Anxiety. The chapter is called "The anxiety of Spiritlessness" (and btw I think Kierkegaard made that word up, but who am I to throw stones considering one of my great works in progress is "an Andee dictionary of made up words"....)

After reading a lot of his works lately, I find he rambles and uses big words. I like him. Is it wrong to get turned on by a dead philosopher talking about christian pagans and vegetative sludge? Yes I am strange. Hooray.

I get it though and I especially like where he talks about spiritlessness and paganism and Christianity. In a way, I agree with some of the concepts. He thinks paganism is the absence of spirit. And he says the only proof of spirit comes from within ones self. Now for me this resounds true. I am not saying this is everyone's truth, but for me that is what was missing from paganism. The Spirit. (capitalization on purpose). That resounding unexplainable *Spirit* in my heart.

K goes on to say (which I find fascinating) that even though Paganism is the absence of spirit, it is quite different from spiritlessness.

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