Thursday, April 16, 2009

WOW I love your car....have some tea

I am fascinated by something I read in the book Sex God.
Its not a new thought to me, especially, being an artist and completely reveling in visual, auditory and other sensory experiences. I am such a creature of sensory, that I dream about sensory things, a lot. I used to be a big tea drinker. There are whole cultures of people, like the Japanese, that have super complicated rituals regarding and drinking tea. I started drinking this tea called "Matcha". Its a powdered green tea that you whisk with a bamboo whisk in this special cup. Then there are two other cups you are supposed to drink it out of. It was the ritual I loved, the experience that it created for me.

The author of Sex God goes into how we are such sensory creatures and it isn’t about “the drink” it’s the taste, the feel the look, the label the vintage artwork, the experience…and then how that once we obtain “the experience” of whatever our sensory “item” is, its never enough, we always crave more…we always want the next best thing…..

I find that true...Once you have experienced one great thing, your mind numbs to it a little each time. Then you are off to find the next great experience. I wonder if that is why people become addicts. They are always searching for that next high and in the process, become numb to the experience and disconnect from it.

There is one thing I think everyone can learn from the Buddhists. It is called "mindfulness". The Buddhists think you should live in this moment. Take time and reflect on THIS moment. NOW. Relish everything about it. They are about enjoying and relishing the experience of now.

One thing I continuously notice about people is, they identify through their stuff….like people that drive fancy cars, or women who carry little cute dogs in purses….(or big great Dane puppies in some peoples case, I am not naming names)
Or spectral tigers.
Or whatever…..

Also brand names of said stuff is a complete phenomenon to me. I see women carrying 5000 dollar purses (really ugly ones at that) and they say, "but its worth it, its a so and so" you are paying some guy, 5000.00, to carry a purse with HIS name scrawled all over it (free advertising for him) and really what you are saying is, "I *AM* worth something because I have this item". Its about finding out that we are worth so much more than any item, or possession, just as we are. The hard part is believing that...because noone oohs and aws when "Jane" walks down the street alone. But they do when she drives a Jag or carries a Gucci purse. its sad.

When the person says WOW I love your CAR….!
What the other person hears is WOW I LOVE YOU, you are so great…and they get validated…

Through stuff.

It is complicated, and sad, and our nature, I think.

We have been fed such a bunch of crap from TV, from commercials, that THIS product will fix your so and so....or remove THAT stain, and we get sucked in and find out, that maybe the THING isn't what its cracked up to be. So then, someone else markets the next THING to us and we continuously get sucked into the cycle. Always disappointed, always wasting time and money and energy....

We think our families should be like the ones on TV. And then we find out, our parents are human and flawed and don't know everything. Its a shocker. And how do we reconcile this? Learn to accept their humanity and their flaws? Forgive quickly and love thoroughly? How do we validate and accept this in our minds? I think a lot of us become depressed or try to accept responsibility for others actions or lack of actions and maybe that can become a destructive pattern.

Are we all like this? Something to think about...

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