Friday, May 29, 2009

Dr Phil, gay people and perfectly powdered baldness

What is love? I mean loving your neighbor. What is it really? What if your neighbor makes your uncomfortable or is rude or ugly or gay or conservative republican? What is prompting this post is a Dr Phil episode. (please don't tell anyone i watch Dr Phil and his perfectly powdered bald head and his perfectly powdered country boy phrases...actually I dreamed about him last night. I went to a camp that he ran and he was really mean....okay...uhm I digress)....

But nice powdered Dr Phil had an equally divided audience, half for gay marriage and half against (in light of California's recent prop 8 failure). I really tried to pay attention to both sides and really listen to what people where saying. I cried, I got angry, I empathized (although my plight as a mostly underprivileged middle class woman probably wouldn't sell any books...hmmmm maybe it would...who knows?) Several things jumped out at me.

1. Some straight people feel threatened by gay marriage. Why? I mean, if you feel threatened, why don't you feel threatened or get angry with straight peoples dysfunctional and abusive relationships? Why cant you realize that other peoples lives are not your business to poke your nibby noses into. What other people do in their private lives don't affect YOU. Concentrate on your own marriage. Put that energy into feeding a homeless person. The "sanctity' of marriage is a fallacy, even if gay people went POOF...there is still a huge divorce rate, straight people do stupid within marriage all the time.

2. I truly believe we are born who we are. We are what we are. Just like a heterosexual person cant "make themselves gay" a gay person cant "turn straight". Now I would like to clarify, I don't think sexuality is black and white. It is so fluid and indefinable. There are so many shades of gray. We are so quick to label, ourselves and others, when in some cases, there IS no label that fits.

3. While there are so many beautiful wonderful Christians I know (and I am a Christian too, as of this year) there is SO much HATE and ignorance about gay people. I mean HATRED. God commands us above ALL else to Have no other God before him and Love your neighbor as yourself. LOVE your neighbor. With SELFLESS LOVE. Its easier said than done. I love everyone gay or straight. Although I do admittedly have a problem loving loud mouth conservatives so I pray a lot about that. I pray for God to open my heart and heal their hearts, to open their eyes to love their neighbor. I think that God loves us just the way we are. We are all broken. Who are we to judge other people? We are not God.

4. There is such a broken mentality in the Christian world (not everyone, but I see this a lot in a lot of ways) that "THEY" are trying to take away "GOD" (from our money, prayer in schools, blah blah). No one is taking anything away from you. If you want to pray in school, pray. If you want to send your kid to a private Christian school, send them. Noone cares that the word God is on our money. Noone except the people that think the evil liberal "they's" are trying to take it away...really, I swear. And if someone tries to take it off they are really bored nut jobs. I promise.

5. Now I did see an interesting point that I would like to ponder further from the evil side (the conservatives) and I say that tongue in cheek. I don't really think they are evil. So lets say, gay marriage laws pass. The one lady said that would open up avenues for discrimination law suites against the "gay haters". Yes I think they should be allowed to live in their ignorant nibby nose lives hating away into oblivion. But I thought she did make a good point in an abstract way. So if we allow Gay marriage as a constitutional right, our government would be expected to uphold that law and discriminatory practices that may and will go along with it from the haters. I think churches would be exempt. Because no church even NOW HAS to marry ANYONE. I know preachers that would NOT marry couples because they lived together before marriage, so I dont think that should matter. I mean there will always be somebody that will marry you and not judge you (if you are gay or living together or both) So where would this "discrimination" come from and how would it impact the discriminator?

I have more to say about this but I am tired and my air conditioner crapped I am done for now.

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