Friday, May 1, 2009

A fusion of love and confusion

I get really attached to my made up characters.
This isnt as random of a thought as one might think it is.
Can love exist only in the mind?

I think love is so complex. I mean I love my dead relatives. Love doesn't just go away when someone dies. It still *is*. It transcends death and life.

Can love exist independently of itself? Can love encompass hate? Can the two exist simultaneously? Can one possibly love someone they have never met? Is God love?

Love changes. Love can be mistaken, misinterpreted, is it love if it doesn't live up to your expectation of what love is? Why does love change? It morphs changes into a creature you dont recognize. Love is stealthy. It can sneak up on you.

Love is complex and simple. Love "is".

It is a paradox. The mother of all paradoxes. Its the enigma.
Its the most irrational rational thing.

Its a cure, a curse, a promise, a killer, an obsession, a lie, a glorious thing to behold.

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