Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chapter 4: A healing tea

My muscles ached and my lungs burned as if on fire, as I ran back to the sisters. I ducked into the ruins and saw them sitting near the fire, trying their best to dry out our belongings. As I bent over and tried to catch my breath, I heard sister Mary let out a wet and horrid wheeze. First things first, I thought to myself. I quickly fumbled through our belongings to find a small wooden mortar and pestle and a wee cup. I gingerly crushed the herbs into a pulpish mash. As I continued to crush them, a sweet and acrid smell assaulted my nose. I quickly boiled the water over the fire and threw in a several pinches on the herbal mash and waited a few moments for it to cool before giving to Sister Mary. She drank the concoction down and I hurried to mix the rest of the mash into a poultice for her chest. What I would give for some garlic and a small bit of honey! As I continued to tend to Sister Mary, I began to relay to the sisters the unusual site I had just beheld. I was still perplexed and dazed from what I had seen and the words stuck thickly in my throat. I choked out my story and they listened attentively. After I had finished speaking a heavy silence hung in the air like a thick smoke. We prayed silently for several hours and asked God to reveal our next move to us.

It was then, we heard horses in the distance, mens voices shouting and dogs barking. They appeared to be coming closer to us and we exchanged nervous glances. Perhaps this was an answer to our prayers? I gathered myself and stepped outside to examine the commotion. I saw a party of perhaps, ten men on horses approaching me. As the begin to come into close proximity, I noticed a familiar design on their breastplates, an intricately designed dragon. I followed the familiar pattern of the lines with my eyes, one I had traced many many times. It wasn't just any dragon. It was my dragon with the cross at his heart. Thank you oh merciful lord for sending these men as an answer to our prayers.

The leader of the group approached me and shouted "What say you, lass?" I smoothed my robes and cleared my throat, "I am Roselyn. I am traveling with my good companions, Sister Mary and Sister Francis. I was wondering if you might be so kind as to tell me where we are? I fear we veered off our course during the storms."

The leader nudged his horse closer to me. He examined me closely, his eyes taking in every detail of my appearance. "Our men spotted you near our camp around sunrise, what are your intentions and who do you work for?" He asked suspiciously.

"My intentions at the moment are to heal Sister Mary of her infirmaries, she has become quite ill on this journey. I was searching for herbs that might help her this morning, when I stumbled into your camp, quite by accident I assure you." Should I tell them about my medallion, I thought anxiously? After all, the symbols are the same and I am sure that is no accident. Dear Lord, please give me the words to use and help me in my time of need. Show me the way.

I felt a peace overcome me and fill me from the inside out. A beautiful stillness surrounded my mind and penetrated my soul. The answer became quite clear. "Kind sir, if you would be so kind as to join us for a moment, I would like to show you something that might be of interest to you." I turned to join the sisters and he dismounted and followed me into the damp ruins. Have faith, I thought to myself. Our good Lord has never led me astray, and His peace now echoed in my heart.

As we entered the ruins, the sisters were huddled in a corner of the room, praying feverishly. Their fear clung to them like our damp cloaks during the rains. "Fear not sisters, for the Good Lord has put a peace on my heart and has revealed to me the next course of action." I turned to dig into my pack, my fingers touched the coolness of my medallion and I grasped it tightly to me. I uttered another quick prayer and turned to present it to the man behind me. He gasped when he saw it. His eyes filled with confusion and wonder.

"Where did you get this?" He demanded.

I quickly relayed to him the stories of the my meager beginnings with the sisters, and about the medallion being placed with me in my basket as a wee babe. As I spoke quickly, the sisters nodded in agreement to my words.

He shook his head as if to clear it, "what now," he mumbled to himself. "what now."

He looked at me with something that appeared to be triumph. "Dragon has foretold of the coming of the true heir." He spoke in excited whispers. "He said that his symbol would show us the way and there would be no doubt. We must take you quickly to our Laird. I can explain more later. In the meantime, I can offer you better accommodations," He said with a smirk as he glanced around the cold damp room of the ruins. "Please pack your belongings and follow me" He turned and disappeared through the stone arch.

We shall go where God will lead. And it was at that moment, the journey began to dispel the mystery of my past. And my past would become a mystery no more.

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