Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to fund our health care and other financial burdons in the USA

**Disclaimer: If you have no sense of humor please skip this post, thank you**

So my coworker and I were talking about astroids destroying the earth. That led into a very interesting topic, Dinosaurs. Together, collectively we decided to basically bring to life the movie Jurrasic Park. You know, Dinosaurs and Sam Neill (when he was still hot), Laura Dern (she is perpetually hot), Jeff Goldblum(hot? hmmm well, not really, but funny, ok he was hot in "the Fly" a little bit). So I decided that we really dont need Canada. It is pretty much a useless country (I mean CURLING?? REALLY? get a real sport, please). So we would put the dinosaurs there. Then we could feed the hungry with the dino meat, cloth the naked with their skin and also replenish our depleting fossil fuel supply. We would tax the heck out of every thing that came from said Dino's and charge crazy amounts of money. Of course there would be a theme park. So we could totally capture the kid market with all the plastic propiganda that comes with theme parks. We would probably process dino meat in New Jersey, because I hate New Jersey. Well hate is a strong word. I think it wouldnt be missed.

With all the money it would generate, I think we could solve alot of the worlds problems.

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