Friday, July 10, 2009

Not your average Christian

I have pretty much resigned to the fact that I am not the average Christian. The feeling that I am lost in this crazy world has morphed into the reality that I am the crazy one, not the world. Christianity has words in it that scare me, and words, that in my ore christian days would have sent me into a fetal position in the corner. Words like "evangelism" and "testimony". They scare me.

My mother in laws church was offering this class that was recommended for people that want to get more involved in the homeless ministry. Basically, from what I could tell, it was suggestions on how to relay your personal experiences with Jesus without "Bashing people with the bible". So I signed up and as the web browser pushed me to the next page, I saw the title of the class was "evangelicalism". This to me, definitely cemented the fact that Jesus has a warped sense of humor. (also when he sent me the dove top of a pile of dove poo, and the whole wanton Revelations references, but I digress)....

That is my challenge lately. When I start to minister to people, I mean really minister to them, I really want to relay my personal experiences in a most non threatening manor. Part of me wants to pout like a little kid and say "no, its my Jesus and I dont want to talk about him", because it really is easier to withdraw and not share anything. But also as I have found, Jesus can be quite nagging and persistent when He wants to be.

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