Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There is something new here, blowing in on a warm brings you to me. Cloves and cinniman that smell still reminds me of you. I dont feel justified, I couldnt ever really cry for you, because I had to be there for her. Hold her up, like I knew you would have. And that in and of itself make me angry. Angry because I feel like you took our friendship away over something so trivial, so minute. Angry because Lexy missed you. I missed you. I never really got over missing you.

I remember the first day I met you. I needed a pencil. You sat next to me in class. You had never even spoken two words to me the entire semester. But I needed a pencil and yet I got so much more. You asked me what I wanted to be, and I told you a cranial sacral therapist. Then you introduced me to Dr Christopher and herbs and tea with cinimman sticks. Your energy was always so healing and warm, I knew you had to meet her. Help her. Possibly heal her. And that was a double edged sword for me. I know you werent mine to keep in a locked box. I know she needed you. But I needed you, lexy needed you. So yes I guess I am angry. A funny thing death is.

I miss you and I love you. I always loved you. I will always miss you.

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