Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What to send a sponsored child

**in work, trying to consolidate a list**

Beanie Babies
small photo albums
sticker books and stickers
colored pencils, pads, and sharpeners
blank/journal books (small)
postcard books
"grow-your-own" items that inflate in water
necklaces (inexpensive, children's)
small books in the child's language or illustrated English books
jump ropes
mini puzzles
and many other things... it's amazing what will fit in those 6x9 padded envelopes!

- Coloring Books, Coloring Pages (downloaded & printed off)
- Marking Pens, Colored Pencils, Pencils, Pens, Sharpeners, Eraser, Ruler
- Child Scissors
- Paper, both lined & plain for drawing, writing & painting
- Watercolor sets
- Small Felt Coloring pictures
- Small Memo pads
- Magnifier (plastic one)
- Stickers, Stencils
- World Map, Post Cards, Photos
- Scotch tape, Thumbtacks, Stick Pins
- Pencil holders
- Small Photo Albums (with copies of the pictures they send me of themselves. This is something I always do - send them a copy of their own pictures that are sent with thank you letters).
- Photo of child or family that was sent to us - copied & put into a light-weight frame

- Polly Pocket dolls
- Groovy Girl dolls & Clothes (Food Saver method a must)
- Stuffed Animals (Food Saver often needed)
- Whistles
- Harmonicas
- Balloons
- Inflatable Ball (beach ball type)
- Toy Cars (hot wheel types)
- Lightweight Wooden Airplanes (unassembled)
- Jump ropes
- Toy plastic farm & jungle animals
- Mini Jig Saw puzzle (remove from box, pictures put in zip-lock bag, with picture cut out and included)

- Mini Flashlight & Extra batteries (Maglight makes a tiny one)
- Keychain type flashlights (about 1 inch in size - these are great)
- Paper hand-fans
- Soaps (hotel size), Sample size toothpaste, Toothbrushes
- Sewing Kits, Extra sewing needles, Safety Pins, Scissors for parents
- Dish Cloths, Face Cloths, Cleaning Cloths, Kitchen Towels
- Table runner (decorative for mothers)

- Comb, Brush, Mirrors, Hair ribbons & Clips, Bobbi Pens
- Manicure items: emory boards, file, clippers, tweezers, nail polish
- Bracelets, Necklace, Earrings (inexpensive)
- Head Scarves, Bandanas, Hats, Caps, Visors, Hair bands, handkerchiefs
- Shawls for mothers
- Mirrors
- Work Gloves for parents & children (these were very appreciated!)
- Nitrile gloves, Canvas gloves, Latex gloves
- Mittens for winter, Rain Ponchos & Plastic Rain Coats
- Warm heavy duty bed socks
- T Shirts, Blouses, Shorts, Pants, Sweater, Sweat Shirts, Sweat Pants
- Dresses, Skirts (long as I can find them for modesty), Undie Pants, Socks
- Thermal Underwear, Pajamas
- Sketchers Sandles (using Food Saver a must to get them flat)
- Baby Diapers, Baby Clothes, Blankets, Diaper Pins, Plastic Pants, Teethers
- Cottenelle Baby wipes, Bibs, Baby Toys, Wash cloths & Neutrogena soap

A Tip: you may have read my suggestion about using a Food Saver machine or the Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Freezer Bags to suction excess air out of an item before placing it in the mailing envelope. You would be amazed just how much you can get into even a small 6 x 9 inch mailer using this method! I use it all the time myself and have even sent sweatshirts! :)

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