Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ex nihilo nihil fit...

I have been sitting here trying to pray all morning. I get as far as "dear baby Jesus" and then I get ancy. Im so excited at the moment! (news as to "why" is coming soon)...anyway...I started thinking of prayer and how it all works. I have come up with what I think is a scientifically sustainable theory.

I was reading one of the "Science Daily" articles that Gunther posted on facebook. The article was about how scientists have discovered an "individual metabolism print" much like a fingerprint. Another unique identifier that makes us all "special" and "individuals". Visti the Science Daily article link below if you want to read it.

Then I started thinking about individual "soul prints" or "energy prints", which I have always believed in. I have heard psychics talk about this "energy print", where they pick up an object from someone and can hone in on thier unique energy.

Then I think about God and how I think that when He says we were created in his image, I have to wonder if He isnt talking about our souls and not our physical bodies per se. And if all our energies are unique, perhaps they all fit together like puzzle pieces and form a bigger picture (eg God). You need all the pieces to get the picture, but can catch glimpses by viewing the picture in smaller pieces.

I am thinking about the Latin phrase ex nihilo nihil fit... (means "out of nothing". and usually appears in conjunction with the concept of creation, literally translates to "Out of nothing comes nothing"). When used outside a "religous" connotation, it means something coming from nothing.

cont later...

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