Friday, August 14, 2009

Surrealism speaks the language of my mind..

I am working on my muse painting today. Its smaller than most of my other works. I am using old medium in a different way so I hope it works out. Too soon to tell now.

I love Dali and Surrealism. Although I paint more abstract...I like the mix of items, ideas, phobias, father/mother issues, love interests, politics, religion thrown in a blender, hit the puree button?

And while the items seem unrelated, they seem to have nothing to do with each other. They seem chaotically combined into forced art...really there is an undercurrent of connectivity, of interconnectedness...even if that interconnectedness exists in ones mans mind, does that make it any less real, valid, worthy, true.

Almost like humans, earth animals God...we all seem so different and randomly thrown together in a giant blender...but with in the chaos there lies truth. Within this rancid decay, life is vibrant, pure, love exists....Truth...Love, Compassion...

We are all interconnected...we all know love and pain....
Humanity is Gods favorite symphony...

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