Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is why...

You asked me why my heart aches, let me tell you, dear one...
I ache for every child who is hungry, every injustice that is done and never righted.
I ache for the girl I was and the woman I have become.
I ache when I remember walking barefoot in Montmarte with him....
I ache to belong, to be heard to feel things like this
I ache for the weary, for the loss of my own humanity...

I ache from too much pain
From not enough pleasure
I ache from God's love and how much it overwhelms me at times

I ache for you, for me and at some point the line blurs

If you feel no pain, then you will never wonder at the pleasure
Its overwhelming, to assume the suffering of man.
Its heart wrenching to empathize with humanity

But God's love is what binds us
what makes us capable of this love and this aching....

and so it is

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