Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1000 tiny jewels bore me to the core of my soul
no meaning, no wonder, they flicker by, one by one
I wake up and feel the need to be used and sucked dry
weeping rocket fuel, spitting out technology that
burns my throat like rancid bile
Vapid zombies, climbing on ladders with semi lucid
neck ties choking them down
they drink their cup of 3 hour old joe and never pay
they just use and throw away the garbage that
weighs them down
green worthlessness tied up in bondage
freeing my soul from its own chains
will you sell a diamond and eat tonight?
will you let go one of your precious pre-conceived notions
in order to survive
the fruit on the vine withers before your eyes and rots
and yet you still eat it and expect to taste sweetness on your tongue
mass illusions bind you and break you
they confine you in an oasis of lies and cheese
the flames burn bright and are far enough away yet
scorch your flesh and ideals
existing isn't living
covert ops are just a sham, a shiny shell of
hard lies
its all good, its fabulous
isn't this what we expected?
wanting ot take out garbage and clean toilets
and that is exactly what we got
wrapped in pretty paper
and re-gifted again and again

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