Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I just canceled my subscription
but they keep delivering me the next issue
deliver me from myself
cut me out of myself
and separate me from me
its a holistic notion
mind, my mind, do you mind?
why do they keep bringing me this tripe?
this stale English bisquit
this broken dish
this rancid meat?
I dont get it
its like they forgot who they are so
they tell me they are me
and I believe them
this maze confuses me
it sets me in its trap and
saves me for its next victim
a monopoly of trashy magazines and broken will
it hypnotizes me
lures me in and traps me in a glass jar so my light
will show the way in this present darkness
whats up with this, really?
I think you are trying to tell me a long joke and you
long forgot the punchline
its not really that funny anyway
even if you could remember it
why even speak the words if you know the
promise will be broken in the morning
like grandmas dish
the old one that broke when it fell off the wall
my claim has been sent in
I keep calling that blasted customer service line
and noone ever picks up
its a sick joke
a rancid lie
the kind that sticks with you
and eats you from the inside out
one that defines truth and defies fiction
a blame game and Im the loser or the winner
does it really matter at this point?

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