Saturday, October 31, 2009

So several things happened today, that could be considered a true turning point, or considered an Epiphany of the divine sort, or could just be considered. Nonetheless...

One: I had a bit of an artistic nervous breakdown, somewhat in parallel to the bizarre episode i had years ago when I broke all my sculptures, but this was what i like to call the more depressing grown up version of that. No art was harmed in the making of this tantrum, so I think its all good...well not really. I just realized I MUST dedicate time to more work. Im good. Im really good. When I actually DO something. If I dont dedicate myself FULLY to my work. I am just no better than a philanderer or 'baddie' or whatever. I am wasting my talent away day by day....time spent not creating is time wasted. So I am setting a goal of 100 pieces of art in 2010. That basically equals two pieces a week. I realize not every creation will be a master piece and some will be sketches or whatnot, but that counts. Effort counts.

Two: Anger can be productive. Jealousy can be productive. All this negative emotion can be channeled into positive creation. Maybe God was really pissed off when he made *stuff*....

Three: ugh..Im not even touching #3 with a 10 foot pole right now.

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