Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I should be nanowrimo-ing. I should be. heh. I did devote my one hour of art to piece

#1 Greenman (finished)
#2 Daphne (about 3/4 done, maybe that is optimistic)
#3 Celtic Dragons (sketch in metal, 1 side sketch done and flipped piece about 1.4 the way done with that)

3 solid pieces of art when its all said and done. I figure, I just need to channel all my angst and emotion and thought and soul into my art. Im too scattered. I feel too much, think too much, love too much, am sad too much. So if I corral the excess, bind it, funnel it, sieve it, into my art, then maybe it can be the salve to heal me.

Maybe thats it. devoting yourself to yourself, to your talent, you God given gifts. Immersing yourself in God and Art. is that the answer? Is that whats behind door #3? Its not the washer/dryer combo. Its happiness? Sanity? forgiveness? blessings? Love?
Whats there and not there. Whats missing could be just as important as the substance in that imbues your eyes with every single drop of humanity, humility, hope...

I always write about how I just want to get away from myself. Perhaps Art is the answer. How else can one rip out their insides and mix it with vibrant pigment or translucent emotion, or nothing at all or everything all at once.

This probably makes no sense to anyone but me. And that's ok. Im ok with that.

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