Thursday, November 5, 2009

The psychological impact of social networking sites is really getting to me. I used to have a really good friend in RL. We were close. I tried to keep in touch with her and her life changed and my life changed. We grew apart. Funny thing is, that I had been trying to get in touch with her recently, only to be, what I feel is, shunned for lack of a better term. I guess Ive used up all my good words with NANO for the day. idk.

Its stupid I guess. Like, I asked her to meet me on a weekend. She said its hard for her to go out on Sunday. Then I saw on a mutual FB post that she then made plans with another friend and went out with her on a Sunday. I felt really bad, rejected...stupid for feeling rejected.

Then I emailed her about diets. One of the few emails she actually responded to. Then I just read that she posted on my sisters FB page and asked her how her diet is going. Yeah I feel weird about it. I mean, that was MY friend.

I swear to God I am just going to unfriend everyone and be done with it. I cant believe something so minute can make me feel so bad inside. Something so trivial. I guess when its all said and done I just miss her and I feel left out, rejected, unwanted, unneeded, angry, sad, stupid.

I just need to let it go. Its so stupid for me to feel this way.

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