Monday, December 7, 2009

ok ok, i am writing, do you see me writing? On my blog? see??? Im writing. Here. Right here. I always knew I was an analytical person. I have to analyze things, people, situations to death, which makes for being an excellent philosopher and a terrible nights sleep most nights. Things that defy logical thought entrance me, hold my attention. I pick them apart, and put them back together again piece by piece. I just reconcile in the wee hours of the morning that I am not meant to have all the answers. Hell, half the time I dont even remember the question. Its a confusing, perplexing place to be, in my mind.My mind never shuts off or is quiet. Sometimes, I ask my husband what he is thinking about and he says, nothing. I just done buy it. How can one think about nothing? Can people really do that? I can fathom that just as easily as I can think of the end of the universe or my mothers womb. I wouldnt give it up though. The ability to think about things in massive detail. But geez, where is the off switch already?? Sometimes, I drive myself nuts.

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