Friday, January 29, 2010

Today has brought a wild emotional roller coaster through my mind. I woke up early and started making a bean soup. Weird. I bought the beans because they were pretty. I had no idea how to cook them, except to examine them closely for rocks. Hopefully they turn out edible at the very least. I watched a documentary about becoming more in tune with what food you are consuming and where your food is coming from, how it is processed. It really struck a chord with me.

I think I will actually get this guys book. It looks interesting.

Then I watched a special about Haiti, in which I cried through the entire thing. Then I watched "Up" and cried through most of that. Then I got in a "throw everything away" mode (or rather donate it).

Weirdly, I go through these weird phases of detachment from "things" and get rid of things. I really would make the perfect nomad. (as long as I could bring my dogs) I have this bizarre urge to create space. to de-clutter.

I have a weird urge to go vegan (this is probabaly fleeting at best). I wonder about excess in regards to food. about how much food is consumed in the USA. Much of it is crap. Much of it is meat that is over processed and comes from animals treated with antibiotics and treated inhumanely.

I just have the weird urge to clean up my life in general, from the inside out.

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