Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care Bill - my thoughts

I hate to get all political. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the health care bill. I don't' like the idea of Government mandating that we HAVE to carry health insurance. I understand the methodology behind that thought process. People have to declare Bankruptcy due to overwhelming medical bills. They are trying to circumvent that. The problem is, that is a failed logic. While I don't believe government should mandate health care coverage, on the other hand, I believe that in order to receive medical treatment then you have to come up with some other means to pay for it, other than insurance. Cash? you get treated. Problem is, that isn't going to happen. People will still get sick. They might end up with some "government insurance", but in all probability (and we will see about how this comes into fruition) it will be some general GP "bare bones" policy that pays for next to nothing.

That being said, if we had a true socialist health care system in the works (which this ISN'T, folks) Personally I would not mind paying a bit more in taxes IF it meant I had truly FREE medical coverage. There are MANY MANY countries that have viable government run health care in place. But they did it right! They have working models! Why didn't we model our healthcare plan after one that is already working?

Even though we elect the officials to vote on our behalf in these cases, I think we need to do our due diligence as Americans and READ what they are passing. We blindly depend on our politicians to act in our best interests. Have YOU read what they are trying to pass? I did read MOST of what they passed back in October. Almost all 2000 pages. BUT, then the game changed. Alot. Revision after revision. I couldn't keep up. I am an intelligent civic minded American and I have no idea what is REALLY in that bill. I have read and tried at the bare minimum to keep up with the synopses, but I even question the accuracy of that!

I have been trying to find the positive in all this. After several frustrating months of trying to keep up with all the changes, I threw up my hands and said "well, as long as they do away with preexisting conditions and try to do away with wasteful Medicaid and Medicare spending then I am good." But then I started to think about that. So the insurance company accepts my pre existing condition. I will end up paying out the ass, Im sure. So they do away with wasteful Medicare and Medicaid spending, yeah right. I will believe it when I see it.

As far as the cost goes, i think that really is a moot point. I hear alot of people complaining about the cost. In 2007, Medicare ALONE cost us 60,000,000 dollars a year (and that is probably a low estimate that doesn't address administrative or other fees)

I don't like the IRS regulating health care coverage. That will be a cluster F*ck at best.

Also, the people that bitch that they don't like "socialized medicine". Well, you are probably a fascist, but stop calling this plan Socialist. It isn't. And give up your Medicare, that is socialist. And get your kids off Medicaid (that is socialist) and until you do, stop bitching.

I am sure I will have more to say about this.

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