Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The scent of you lingers

The scent of you lingers, clinging to air and memory
The taste of you takes refuge on my lips, leaving me
to suffer in the asylum of your absence.
The memory of you comes to me like some motherless
Wandering thought, seeking shelter from a wild storm
You envelope me…

The want of you inspires me, like a goddess
stirring fiery creation with bare hands and bare soul
the breath of you fills me like 1000 sunsets
eluding to disappearance with the promise of the morning
still echoing in the dusk and dust
You consume me…

The belief in you binds me to you, like a warriors
Sacred oath of honor and blood
The touch of you, burns through my soul to another
Place, that sacrifices darkness on an altar of soft light
You move me…

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