Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Veiled Garden

Inside my soul there is a veiled garden
Gauzy, lush and hazy in mystic unencumbered passion
Deep within this secret utopia,
deeply hidden and obscured by fate and time
Is a tiny rose bud thing, tightly closed
Proffering glimpses only to God himself
as no man is master of the secrets it embraces
a masquerade to meek human eyes

For one brief moment, I felt it slowly open,
Ever so slightly, evolving beauty
As petals unfold, timidly…languidly
She emerges and proffers you a glimpse into shrouded feelings
That no entity of this gentle earth has laid eyes upon
Ever so gently, my secret embraces warm breath
With sweet and heightened sensation
A catalyst reacting turbulent
with your own alchemy and my clandestine nature
a garden cultivated only by you

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