Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weirdly, most days I feel everyone around me is so apathetic towards life and towards me *(then I realize that is narcissistic of me to even think that about 'me')
 I guess....

If you have a toxic family, how do you cope? Not
immediate family, but parents, siblings....do you ignore? distance? remove yourself?

People like myself need goals...I have some...but not the right ones.

Spiritually I am a terrible pagan and even a more terrible Christian.

Organized religion never fails to baffle me.

Some days good coffee is the only thing well....good.

I hope I make my art goal. Do all artists hate everything they make? Should I force out crap just to make it? I guess. Why do we hate what we create? If art really is hand meets souls meets canvas...is that in essence, self hate?

On a positive, I really love my daughter and husband. And my dogs. And my rats. and my baby Jesus finger puppets.

I like that too. The world needs more finger puppets.

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