Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reflecting on the past year...2010

So many things have happened this past year. It has been a year of tremendous change, growth and major introspection of myself and my life. It has been a year of creation and destruction. I suppose you can't have the yin without it's partner the yang. I have found out more about myself in this past year, than I have through most of my life. 

Here are some things I have learned:

Art for arts sake, isn't for me. Quantity over quality, mass production over meaning, isn't art (to me)

True friends are worth their weight in gold. Some people you think are your friends, aren't...and yet, life brings you friends from very unexpected places. Strange how people show up when you need them most. 

Delaying pleasure is extremely important. Being impulsive doesn't reap many rewards.

Goals are best obtained when written down. Working backwards from the end result really helps.

God is bigger than religion. This has been illustrated to me time and time again  this year. 

Faith takes action. You can say you are a Christian and flitter by, but faith without action is nothing. 

Forgiveness is possible, and necessary.

There is an angel in the marble....

Fear will not bind me. I will make no decision based in fear. Ever.

Debt is stupid. 

Surrounding yourself with ethical and compassionate people is essential to you yourself becoming ethical and compassionate.

All politicians lie. Bipartisan political systems are divisive and detrimental to a healthy political structure.

There are people that just are not capable of being introspective. 

Nurses are under appreciated.

Watching someone you love make stupid decisions is one of the hardest things you will ever do. 

Watching someone you love die is really hard. Death is a part of life. I think it is so normal and natural, after all, not one of us will "get out alive". But it is hard. Really hard. 

Loving your neighbor as yourself is really important in your spiritual walk. We NEED to take care of each other. We need to take care of ourselves. We need to realize our intrinsic worth and the worth of others. At the end of the day, loving, forgiving and moving forward is all we can do. 

Control is an illusion. 

I like to sew again!

Chronic pain sucks. People do not understand what you go through on a daily basis, they never will. Just because you finally get a diagnosis or surgery or a new medication, doesn't mean you wont still have to deal with the pain. 

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