Friday, May 6, 2011

Life seems to be falling into place for me. I almost would wager to say that I am happy on some level. I am learning to sew, slowly. I am focusing on marketing my art (and successfully, I might add). Also looking at changing industries with my career, and it looks exciting. It is funny, because I always feel like a flesh and blood yin/yang sign, but one side always seems bigger than the other, and it fluctuates, constantly, never staying on one side more than a few days, if that. If I could just focus my artistic energy and actually sit and read a book straight through without flip flopping to five other books, that would be great! I am planning my trip to Indiana, I leave next week. I hope to take some amazing pictures while I am there for my portfolio. I have a mental "set list" so to speak, of the photos I wish to take.

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