Saturday, July 30, 2011

Took this from a facebook post I was commenting on...

ME:I have mixed feelings about this. I think the soldiers defend our rights to CHOOSE whether we want to stand or not. I would never want to see someone forced by any government entity to pledge their allegiance to something they chose not to(or to be forced to do anything for that matter that affects our civil liberties). That is what makes our country so great and so different from many others, we get to choose.


ME: While I agree with your point about individuals taking for granted thier ammeneties, and freedoms here in the USA. (and dont get me wrong, there is a way to express your opinion without being disrespctful, like hte kid shown in the cartoon). As far as pledging allegiance to the government, well...our government as it stands is by far perfect. Most politicians are self serving, money grubbing personal interest serving, fakes. They dont "care" about you, me, or anything important that doesnt line thier own pockets. So, is that what I pledge my allegiance to? I think not. However, on the flip side, I am a huge supporter of our military. I have many friends and family deployed and/or getting ready to deploy. I am proud of them. I am grateful. Do I believe in every cause they fight Do I still support them. Yes....kind of a catch 22. You asked how does this affect our civil liberties? As citizens we have the right to freedom of conscience and freedom of expression, that is part of our civil liberties. That is what differentiates our country from many others. So is that what I pledge my allegiance to? I just cant separate these things in my mind. Your other point about standing up for what matters...I agree with you. But it isnt just the guy leeching off the government. It is big business too. It is everyone. We, as a society are far FAR too apathetic about the things that matter. We stand by, in our nice little bubbles with our eyes closed.

It is about choice people and FREEDOM. THAT is what makes our country great.

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