Thursday, August 4, 2011


So getting back to it...continuing from the last post
3D printers...this is a crude representation, in my humble opinion of the next wave of the future, the next wave that will completely reform humanity like nothing has in a long time...Why, you ask? I mean, you can build an AIRPLANE from parts printed on a 3D printer, you can recreated a violin that plays beautifully, you can use biological material to print SKIN to help burn victims, amazing, huh? I think this will be the thing (or the precursor for the thing) that wipes out hunger as we know it. If we can use biological material, why not use cloned cells of beef (without ever killing an animal!) or fruit or whatever your heart desires. Amazing possibilities on many fronts. 15,000 bucks will buy you one of your very own. But we need to think "anti-linearly". We need to think about the rate technology is increasing and decreasing in cost...soon, you will have one of your very own...

Silver Bullet drugs: Very soon, sooner rather than later, we will be taking drugs customized for our own genetic makeup. Custom drugs designed just for us. Right now, 50% of the worlds illnesses are treated with drugs and they do a fairly moderate job of keeping up moderately healthy....the other 50% of the populations disease can be eliminated with..........................Clean Water....amazing, huh?

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