Saturday, August 13, 2011

General Observations

So much for trying to post once a day LOL...Well I am going to try to catch up.
People are so weird. Finished The Help and on book 2 of The Game of Thrones. Also reading a few other books, trying to sort them all out. Trying to prepare for the Art Show next week....really has sent my anxiety to a new level. Trying to just take things as they come and just breathe. One thing at a time....

I am going to try to make an Indian dish this weekend (I hope). I have all my spices ready, just need the ingredients. I went to this Indian restaurant the other day. At the front was a statue of one of the gods and then there were little containers with what my friend called "birdseed" lol...It really wasnt birdseed. After the "pickle" incident at the one Indian restaurant, I am always sure to clarify. It was so pretty, I think it was anise seed(s), tiny sugar squares and those shiny silver balls you put on pretty!!!! I think it was like Indian Parsley or an after dinner mint. Loved it.

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