Monday, August 8, 2011

Had a great time at the zoo yesterday! I love the giraffes. I also really like the monkeys. It was so hot though, I felt sorry for the animals. The zoo has really improved since the last time I had been there. They really had done a lot!

The movie was meh, went to see Cowboys and Aliens. Missed out on dinner and ice cream with our friends because Chris got really sick half way through the movie. The kids saw Transformers, so I waited for them while they finished thier movie and Donna took Chris home. Oh well, Im sure we will be back there sometime soon.

Lexy's birthday is coming up! And the big new for me is, I am going to be doing an art show at NV Lounge in Orlando in the 19th. Very scary, lots of we shall see what happens. The show is in a up scale "Lounge"...funny enough, I dont drink at all any more. Nothing. Yep you heard me...I have been alchohol free since May and intend to stay that way. Alcholol is an interesting thing. It is magic in it's own right, and I don't mean that in a good way. It adds zero intrinsic value to your life. There is this entire subsect of people that "need" a drink to relax, forget, have fun, be social, and on and on....but it is an illusion and a dangerous one in my opnion. Maybe not for everyone, but for me it is. Don't get me wrong, I DO wish I could relax. I still have anxiety in a big way. I am medication free in all respects. That in and of itself is empowering. I am slowly figuring out the rest.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get out more and stop being such a hermit. I joined a book club. I am trying to be more social with friends and family, even if some of it is virtual...(doesnt mean it isnt real) :-) But I am actually trying to really get out of the house.

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