Saturday, August 6, 2011

Healing bread

Bread really is such a symbolic thing in this world. Bread equals love and healing and prosperity. Baking bread is a process! I made my first batch today (actually I am still in process) Something about kneading dough is healing. maybe because it reminds me so much of clay and I am a true sculptor at heart. That is probably a big part of it. Or maybe it reminds me of childhood with playdough and making little creatures out of this dough mixture my mom would make.

Maybe it is just kneading the dough and letting all your angst and frustrations out. I always hear people say "made with love", well mine might be made with angst and frustration...does that hang around in the bread when people eat it, I wonder? I hope not. If I made one batch with love and put it beside one batch made with frustration, would the respective eaters of the bread get those emotions? At first you might think I am silly to even suggest this, but now that I am writing about it, it really doesn't seem silly at all.

See this clip:

Now it doesn't seem so silly, does it? Bread is made with water. Seems logical to me.
Also suggests that you probably shouldn't try this batch of bread.

However there is intent there too. I intend to make it for someone(s) I care about, so does that trump the angst in the making? So maybe it is made with love and angst.

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