Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Helping my daughter with her senior year has already proved hectic! Wow! Finally got her signed up for the SAT. I can't believe I have a senior in high school! It is crazy. I feel entirely too young for this lol.

I refinished a dresser for her. I bought it for 45 bucks at a small thrift store. It turned out amazing!

I entered a writing contest today. :D I am excited about that. Preparing for nanowrimo...I think this year I might try to do an outline.

Dealing with my social anxiety has been challenging but I have done several things lately that I normally wouldn't do and have been less of a recluse. Trying really hard to combat that. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I actually havent had a panic attack in ages. I also am down on my migraines (since the last spinal tap) so that is GREAT. I hate the meds they have me on. But what are you going to do? .....

I have an idea for a new piece of art..if I can start it and finish it before November, that would be awesome. I know exactly what I want to do...it is just finding victims, uh, volunteers for part of the casting.

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