Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trascendant Man - Live

Well, that WAS interesting to say the least. First off, I love Dr Koku. I love the concept of expanding on Einstein's theory of relativity into a "Theory of Everything" and the equation will be less than an inch long..who says that size matters...god...triple pun for the win.

First, I would like to comment on the most important concept that came from this event...gene modification, maybe not the MOST important, but sign me up to be a guinea pig. Genetic modifications are being tested to get rid of some of our more annoying gene traits as a human. For example, holding onto fat because the next hunting season might be a bad Kurzweil said, I am pretty sure my next hunting season at Publix will be a good one...modify me please. lol They have modified the "fat holding on" gene to let go of fat and calories without regard to consumption of calories being decreased. The benefits? Subjects (animals) lived 20% longer lives, had less disease and more quality of life. Like I said, sign me up.

I also found it interesting that the term "AI" actually isn't a warmly embraced term in the scientific community. It was a term coined in 1956-ish at some convention in CA (Check my facts here, but you get the point). Their point was there is no AI, all intelligence is REAL. All reality is REAL. There is no virtual reality. For example, they said that you give your loved one a loving sentiment over the phone (a 'virtual' experience). Is that sentiment any less real? No. Neither are the relationships we foster on the Internet. I love the example they used. Before the Internet, we had limited access to information and that information was very linear. We exchanged and processed information much like osmosis. Now, with the Internet and social media we process information exponentially, multi dimensionally. We have the knowledge of the world at our fingertips. We have democratic information exchanges at our fingertips. We experience many levels of exchanges of this information. How amazing..! And it is all REAL...virtual doesnt mean "not real".

The other thing I wanted to touch on was nanotechnology. The example given was our technology (microchips) are becoming smaller and smaller, cheaper and more powerful. Eventually, they said that these chips will be the size of red blood cells, injected into our bodies and all blood borne diseases will become a thing of the past. The thing I found interesting, was that noone touched on the fact that technology was actually moving towards becoming biological itself. Not just, "chips" being introduced into our biological systems.

3D printers - they mentioned these a lot...will touch on this more later.

Compassion...clean water and not the speed technology advances, but what we DO with this technology. more later....

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