Thursday, October 6, 2011


Quixotic. I learned a new (new to me) word today, and what an amazing word it is. Any word that contains a Q and an X in it simotaneously is an amazing word to begin with. I love when I learn a new word. It doesn't happen as frequently as it did when I was a child, of course, but I get the same thrill looking up the definition, except now I look it up online, instead of my grandparents old and well used 25 pound dictionary.

It is funny how, you can never hear a word in your life, and as soon as you hear it, it appears everywhere! That always happens to me. Perhaps the universe is preparing me to take in and learn whatever concepts are being presented with the use of a particular word. In this case, I certainly feel that is the case.

Quixotic means "impractical and overly idealistic". That is me sometimes I feel. Specifically regarding interacting socially. I have quixotic precognitions of how an event should transpire. It might be mostly subconcious...but I am trying to rectify that. I think that is mostly the cause of my social anxiety. That and the effects of my neurological disorder. Together they make a social anxiety coctail, that not even the most daring alchemist would want to partake of.

However, life is strange. Life will bring people into your life that you need most and pull out those most toxic at just the right time. I recently have met a friend, even though our friendship was brief, she profoundly impacted me with her way of looking at life. She learned a lot of what she tells me through two venues. One is Zig Zigler. The others are Sikhism Gurus. Interesting combination, to say the least. I will elaborate more on the specific points later, as each one is profound and most deserving of its own space on the blog.

(ignore the bad spelling I will have to spell check this later)

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